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gumboot coffee noun standard black coffee, no fancy muck.
At Gumboot Coffee we have watched the coffee industry change over the last 20 years. Once it was white or black, with or without sugar — now, it has become a confusing landscape of coffee menus, single origins, chemistry sets for making coffee, a myriad of milks that don’t even come from cows — and even cold coffee. At Gumboot Coffee we are all about keeping it simple and giving the customer what they really want… a nice cup of coffee. We source coffee from Peru and Colombia, roast and blend them the gumboot way ​in good ol’ NZ and deliver free to your door — it doesn’t get more simple than that. After all, it’s just coffee.

“No fuss, no faff, just good coffee.”

Gareth, Welsh Backpacker

“Gumboot Coffee is not only a great blend that is delicious; it is smooth in taste and best of all delivered to your door at a great price”

Andy & Chrissy, Dunedin GC Subscribers

“The coffee is so good it’s turned the entire office into coffee snobs and wannabe baristas.”

 Rhys, Mediaworks Wellington

“Fill ya boots! This stuff’s stronger than the Wellington wind and tastier than Friday Fish ‘n’ Chips…love it.”

Paul, Jacks Paddock Ltd